About Chebucto

The Chebucto Wind Field Inc. was incorporated as a CEDIF in 2001 and has had seven successful and diverse share offerings, its most recent closing December 27, 2012.

A CEDIF, or Community Economic Development Investment Fund, is a Nova Scotia government program that encourages investment in local businesses by offering investors significant tax credits.

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The Chebucto Wind Field Inc. was the original sponsor for two projects under the community-based feed in tariff (ComFIT) initiative of the Renewable Electricity Plan. ComFIT is a Nova Scotia department of Energy initiative which establishes an enhanced, fixed price for electricity supplied by smaller, community wind energy projects. Progress to date has seen Chebucto Wind Field obtain key approvals to develop two ComFIT eligible wind energy projects, Chebucto Terence Bay and Chebucto Pockwock Community Wind Project.

Learn more about Nova Scotia’s ComFIT and a list of ComFIT approved projects.

Chebucto Wind Field is also a significant shareholder in Scotian Wind Field (SWFI), Scotian Wind Inc. and Renewable Energy Services Limited (RESL).

Chebucto Wind Field’s Governance document is available for shareholders upon request. Visit the Contact page to submit your request.