Martock Ridge Wind Project Produces Power for Local Grid

– For Immediate Release: Martock Ridge Wind Project Produces Power for Local Grid

January 15, 2015 ‐ Martock Ridge, NS


The three wind turbines that were installed atop Martock Ridge began spinning today and producing electricity for the West Hants and Windsor distribution grid. The project is the culmination of several years of planning, consultation, and successful collaboration among Scotian Wind Inc., its partners, and community stakeholders.

The electricity produced will be consumed locally as part of a 20 year power purchase agreement with Nova Scotia Power Inc. The terms of the agreement were set by the Community Feed‐In‐Tariff (COMFIT) program of the Nova Scotia Provincial Government. The COMFIT program is designed to promote distribution‐connected projects that include a local ownership component. Local investment in Scotian Wind Inc. occurs through the Community Economic Development Investment (CEDIF) program of the provincial government.

The project at Martock Ridge has a capacity of 6 MW and generates enough electricity to power the equivalent of approximately 1,870 Nova Scotian homes. It will generate enough electricity to avoid approximately 14,500 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per year. The turbines stand 145 metres tall. The blades are 100 metres in diameter. The towers are 95 metres. You can see video of the turbines in operation on our YouTube channel.

Scotian Wind is committed to maximizing community benefits from the projects they install. Part of this commitment includes a Community Dividend, which represents 1% of gross revenue invested back into the community. Application of these donated funds will be directed by a committee drawn from the community. The Community Liaison Committee for Martock Ridge has been formed and is looking to increase its numbers through new community‐minded members. Please contact, Gay Harley, Manager‐Community Relations at the coordinates below to apply.

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