Chebucto Wind Field Inc. (CWF) has investment in the projects below



Company: Chebucto Pockwock Lake Wind Field Limited (CPL) Chebucto Terence Bay Wind Field Limited (CTB)
Corporate Structure: Limited Partnership (LP) owns project assets – CPL owns 25% of LP Corporation – CTB owns 100% of project assets
Ownership by CWF: 28% of CPL (equivalent to 7% of total project) 13% of CTB
Approved COMFIT Power Capacity: 10 MW 7.2 MW
Where: Upper Hammonds Plains, Halifax Regional Municipality – Halifax Regional Water Commission property Terence Bay, Halifax Regional Municipality – private land
Partner: Firelight Infrastructure Partners – owns 75% of LP Renewable Energy Services Ltd. (RESL) – owns 66% of CTB
Projected Capital Cost: $29 million $17.5 million
Equipment: 5 Vestas V-100 turbines (2 MW each) 3 Enercon E-92 turbines (2.35 MW each)
Projected Commercial Operation Date: September / October 2014 September / October 2015

Notes: All COMFIT projects have 20 year Power Purchase Agreements with Nova Scotia Power at $131 per MWh


CTB1 Met tower Vestas V100 Blade 50m

Chebucto Pockwock Community Wind Project

Met Tower for Chebucto Terence Bay
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Vestas V100 Blade 50m
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Watch the progress on the Chebucto Pockwock Community Wind Project.

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